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Welcome to the world’s most exciting online education and social platform for music creators. If you compose, write songs or dabble in music creation, you’re about to take your music to a whole new level 🙂

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Improve Your Songwriting

Learn how to perfectly craft a hit song that will captivate your audience and give you a unique sound.

Write for Film, TV + Games

Get started in your career as a Film Composer.

Set Up a Music Studio

Learn how to set up a music studio with all the necessary technology required to get started as a music creator.

Learn Music Theory

Learn how music actually works and fits together, so you can stop wasting time fumbling around.

Earn a Living Writing Music

Learn to be business savvy, so you can generate income and start earning a living doing what you love.

Keys/Piano Skills

Learn how to navigate your way around a keyboard/piano so you can write more confidently.

A Sneak Peek of What It's Like On the Inside

*it’s free – no credit card required

Meet Your New Teacher + Mentor

AMY BASTOW: Composerfy Founder, Film Composer + Creative Music Expert

Amy made her way into Hollywood when she was just 26, working with film-maker James Cameron (Dir: Avatar, Titanic etc), composing the score for his 3D documentary Deepsea Challenge. Her work on the documentary earned her an Australian Academy Award (AACTA) nomination.

Amy has written music for all the major Australian TV networks (Network Seven, Ten, Nine, ABC and SBS), and has worked on international projects with National Geographic, Netflix, FOX, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel. Amy’s credits include the long-running TV drama series Winners & Losers; Home & Away; children’s animation Bluey, teen fantasy series Mako Mermaids, reality series’ Look Me in the Eye and Last Resort, and feature films Early Winter, Crime & Punishment and The Heckler.

Amy has also written and produced music for iOS games, commercials, corporate videos and interactive media. Amy has composed for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, The Australian String Quartet, The Song Company, Warner Music and even composed a fanfare for The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD, CVO (former Governor of New South Wales). Amy studied Film Music in New York City with The X-Files Composer, Mark Snow; and Sean Callery, composer for Elementary, Homeland and 24. Amy’s first job was playing keyboards in a rock band when she was 12. Amy also holds a First Class Honours Degree in Composition from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Amy Bastow

For All Music Creators

Composerfy is for music creators from any location around the world; for all levels, abilities and musical styles. Our only restriction is that you must be over 13 to become a Composerfy member.

Practical + Industry-Focused

Let our experts help you with all those things no one teaches you at a regular music school.


Learn anywhere, on any device, 24/7, either via a web browser or by downloading the Composerfy App. Do a course on the train or get feedback on your latest track whilst waiting in line for coffee.

Get Answers

Get answers to your burning music questions and learn how to write amazing music

Get Feedback

Get feedback on your music and improve out of sight

Meet People Like You

Meet and share your journey with other music creators just like you

Reach Your Goals Faster

Accountability and tailored learning paths help you achieve your music goals sooner.


We know you're busy, so forget wading through countless boring lectures. We create fun, engaging material that's easy to learn in bite-sized chunks.


Getting just one private lesson with a music industry professional will set you back at least $100. Learning music shouldn't just be for the rich. Our aim is to provide quality music education that's affordable for everyone.

Why Did We Start Composerfy?

You’re actually the reason Amy started Composerfy. Yep…you!

The idea for Composerfy came about one day after receiving an email from an aspiring young composer. This was one of dozens and dozens of emails Amy had recently received from music creators wanting to know how to get started.

The problem is, these are currently the steps many aspiring composers and songwriters see in front of them:

It turns out there aren’t actually many places you can go to learn the ropes of how to become a music creator, how to navigate all the theory, technology and business stuff and how to equip yourself with practical, industry-ready skills.

Ok there’s YouTube, but how do you know what to trust? It also doesn’t give you any ongoing direction or support. There’s a university degree, but they’re a bit stale, not really up on what’s actually happening in the industry and will set you back a house deposit. There are some static online courses floating around, but just one of these can cost anywhere from US$500 to $2000…for one course! There’s private lessons, but that’s about $120/wk. What musician can afford that!?

So, that was the moment Composerfy was born. It was created for you! Quality, affordable, and industry-focused training under the mentorship of an actual professional working composer. Simples.

Learning How to Write Amazing Music is Easy with Composerfy

Become a Composerfy Member

Step 1

  • Click the GET STARTED button below to become a member. It's free to get started 🙂
  • Click JOIN
  • Create a username and password
  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Click 'Create Account'
  • Check your email inbox

Step 2

  • You're in!
  • Composerfy works via a web browser on any device
  • If you're out and about a lot, download the Composerfy App. We use a super robust platform called Mighty Networks to power our mobile App. Simply download the Mighty Networks App, search for Composerfy and sign in.
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Composerfy Membership

Step 3

  • Once you're signed into your account....
  • Set up your profile
  • Start transforming your music

What Do You Need Help With Most?

Discovery (Music Theory)
Music Business
Keys/Piano Skills

These 5 Categories are the Pillars of Your Creative Music Success

We base all our resources around these 5 topics

Ready to Super-Charge Your Music?

1. Composerfy is completely free to join and get started. That’s so cool right?

2. We offer in-App purchases for premium courses…but we have HEAPS of free stuff to help you start achieving your music goals today, including:

  • Practical “how-to” articles (with activities to help put your new knowledge to the test)
  • Quick-Win Video Walkthroughs
  • Helpful guides for music theory, tech, business and creativity
  • Private Message other members
  • Upload your music + get feedback from other members
  • Meet, connect with, learn from and share with other songwriters and composers from around the world
  • Groups, opportunities, interviews and more
  • Download our App and learn on-the-go

*it’s free – no credit card required

What Are Music Creators Saying About Composerfy?

Jolin - Composerfy Member
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“Composerfy is the kind of platform I have been searching for ever since I became a composer”

Jolin - Composerfy Member


Mark - Composerfy Member
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“I can tailor Composerfy to my own personal career goals”

Mark - Composerfy Member


*no credit card required

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